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Steve Crain

After studying architecture and music in college, Steve started The Cutting Edge with his business partner

James Dew in 1996. Steve is the front man of the company and handles the sales and designs 

of The Cutting Edge projects. When Steve's not obsessing over cabinet details he likes to spend time with

his wife and son, dabble in photography and play tennis.

James Dew

James started The Cutting Edge with his business partner Steve Crain in 1996. His background is in 

manufacturing and construction and he is in charge of the construction drawings and general shop 

production. James has always had a passion for woodworking and has an excellent eye for detail.

Zane Franzen

Zane graduated high school in 1996 after spending his last two years studying cabinetmaking at the

Central Coast Occupational Center. After graduation Zane began his career at The Cutting Edge

and has been here ever since. He is a cabinetmaker extraordinaire!

Jason Adams

Jason came to us in 2012 after the downturn looking for a new home. He has 20 years experience

working as a cabinetmaker in the Bay Area with a focus on installations. He is great with our customers

and is a fine addition to the Cutting Edge team!

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